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Rosaís nachos are perfect with house-made guacamole.
Rosaís nachos are perfect with house-made guacamole.
Zesty sauces made from scratch are a specialty at Rosaís.
Zesty sauces made from scratch are a specialty at Rosaís.

Thereís a whole lot of dipping going on with Rosaís freshly made sauces!

Thursday, October 24th, 2013
Issue 43, Volume 17.
Nathalie Taylor
Special to the Village News

Itís late afternoon at Rosaís Mexican Restaurant and thereís a lot of dipping and scooping going on. Diners pick up the freshly made tortilla chips – dip them gingerly in a light green sauce or scoop up pico de gallo with gusto – trailing some of the sauce across the table. Amid the light conversation a cacophony of crunching can be heard.

This fascination with Rosaís chips and sauces did not happen by accident. Leonor Vazquez, who has owned the establishment for seventeen years, works hard to keep her recipes authentic and traditional.

We canít all travel to the Monterrey region of Mťxico to discover age-old recipes, so Leonor does it for us. When she travels to Monterrey to visit her husbandís family, she canít help but gather new ideas to enhance her already bold and zesty sauces and dishes.

There will be no unlocking of secret recipes in this story. Leonor still has a few culinary secrets she isnít going to tell. You will just have to come in and experience the flavors for yourself.

The kitchen of Rosaís is a treasure trove of spicy sauces. A trio of house-made sauces greets each diner as they first scoot their chairs to the table.

A brash green concoction called tomatillo sauce is a sauce for dipping or drizzling, whichever you choose. Dip a tortilla chip or drizzle it on an enchilada or rolled taco. It is smooth, itís hot, and itís my favorite. Itís also Leonorís favorite, so Iím in good company. This one is a secret recipe, and I could guess, but then you can do that too.

Chile de Šrbol is the main ingredient in Rosaís spicy red sauce. This potent and powerful sauce is very popular with diners of all ages. Itís flavorful, but also packs a wallop.

Rosaís pico de gallo is, like the other two sauces, a family recipe born of the Monterrey region of Mexico. Cilantro, tomato, onions and Advertisement
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garlic are the ingredients that blend to make this excellent salsa. Make sure you scoop up at least half a chip full!

Drizzle these sauces on any of Rosaís dishes and all three will serve to enhance, not mask the flavor. If you just canít get enough – take some home for later. All of the above sauces are available in eight-ounce cups.

You canít leave Rosaís without trying some of their guacamole. It is excellent with just about anything, but I like it layered over a bowl of hot nachos.

With locally grown avocados as a base, Leonor adds finely chopped tomatoes and onions, then a bit of garlic and salt. The guacamole is blended well, but has enough chunks of avocado to make it thick. The same family recipe has been in use the entire time Leonor has owned the restaurant.

Other sauces made from scratch include enchilada sauce and the tartar sauce that makes all the fish tacos and seafood pop with flavor.

All those sauces and chips make a person thirsty. To quench your thirst Rosaís offers traditional Mexican beverages – made from scratch. Horchata, an inspiring rice-based cinnamon sugar drink, is slightly sweet.

Jamaica is a light drink, almost like tea, and is made from the hibiscus flower. Tamarindo is blended from a Mexican fruit called tamarind. Both of these botanical-based drinks are flavorful and refreshing.

Even late in the afternoon, when many restaurants experience a traffic lull, Rosaís is a bustling place with people coming in and out – and some just staying a while. Youíll find solo patrons relaxing over a book or newspaper; or families basking in the comfortable patio area with the sun and the birds and the fresh air. However, all the diners have two things in common – theyíve come for the great food and theyíll probably be back!

Rosaís Mexican Restaurant is found at 1075 S. Mission Rd., Suite A, in Fallbrook. The telephone number is (760) 728-8006.

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