The Mintle Barn is a one-of-a-kind horsepower shelter

FALLBROOK – When Ron and Bev Mintle purchased their home on the southern edge of Fallbrook, they planned on doing renovations to the home as well as some major landscaping work. Since there was a need for storage space, they set out to build a barn for Ron’s tools and equipment as well as a place for his toys (cars, motorcycles, boats, etc).

Barr in finals of Street Legal drag race showdown

Barr in finals of Street Legal drag race showdown

John Barr worked in the automotive industry until his retirement five years ago, so he is aware that reaction times are slower for older drivers. The 65-year-old Barr thus isn’t too disappointed at losing to a 21-year-old in the finals of the National Hot Rod Association’s Street Legal drag race showdown at Pomona Raceway. “I […]

Gearing up for the Fourth of July

Behind the scenes, activity is well underway by law enforcement and fire safety officials to ensure the success of the Fourth of July Grand Tradition fireworks show. A meeting held on the veranda of the Grand Tradition on June 3, coordinated by Don McDougal, brought together a coalition of specialists, including members of the North […]