Riverside’s red light traffic camera system to be shut down

RIVERSIDE – Riverside will become the second Riverside County city to end its red light traffic camera enforcement program following a 5-2 City Council vote tonight. ”This program isn’t in place for safety; it’s there to fatten pocketbooks,” Riverside resident Karen Wright told the council before the vote. ”There are plenty of steps this city […]

Solar Power Companies to Face Fees for Riverside County Projects

RIVERSIDE – Riverside County supervisors today unanimously approved a policy to impose per-acre fees on solar power providers to compensate the county for changes to its desert landscape, the use of local roads and increased burdens on public services. ”Eastern Riverside County is going to look a lot different in a few years. We’re talking […]

‘Balls of Fury,’ ‘Brothers Solomon’ silly, stupid and cute

“Balls of Fury” and “The Brothers Solomon” are both silly, stupid and cute and will be enjoyed by the New Millennium generation. “Fury” feels like being inside of a ping-pong video game where all the characters are one-dimensional with flat personalities and no internal dialogue. Action precedes dialogue and the only time Randy Daytona (portrayed […]