Easter recipes transform the ordinary to the extraordinary

Easter recipes transform the ordinary to the extraordinary

Sometimes it is the little touches that make the difference between a good dinner and a great dinner. The right toppings, whether on an entrée or dessert, can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. In many homes across America, ham is a popular entrée at the Easter brunch table, however, a ham can be rather […]

Meals that combine avocados with raw carrots or tomato sauce increase beta-carotene absorption

Healthy recipes that feature avocados are a popular topic of discussion for Fallbrook cooks. With March being National Nutrition Month, interesting reports regarding making informed food choices have come to the Village News that are worthy of sharing. As we know, avocados are an incredibly delicious, healthy food option. They not only provide a unique, […]

Five things people should eat every day

SAN DIEGO COUNTY –  The popular saying goes “we are what we eat.” This is why experts often emphasize how important it is to have a balanced diet. But what does this really mean? March is National Nutrition Month, a perfect time for everyone to consider what they’re putting on their plates and review healthy […]

Fish fry dinners are not usually known for healthy food options.

The Knights of Columbus men’s group at St. Peter the Apostle parish here in Fallbrook has been putting on their Friday Night Fish Fry during Lent for almost 29 years; for several years now their fundraiser has included a baked salmon plate. Since my stomach can’t handle most fried foods, I chose the salmon dinner […]

Fallbrook Cafe: Quality and freshness key to success

Quality products combined with extensive experience in the restaurant industry is what has led to John Gianakakos’ success with Fallbrook Cafe. Over his career, this accomplished restauranteur has created numerous popular dining establishments, including Cafe Plaka, in Southern California. Loyal clients from those spots still travel regularly to Fallbrook to enjoy his eatery. And with good reason.

Be a “Taste Adventurer” at Tekila Cocina Mexicana!

Cactus, “barbacoa” beef and Oaxaca cheese. What do these three ingredients have in common? They are all used in inventive, but traditional Mexican dishes served at Tekila Cocina Mexicana in Bonsall. These recipes were born in sunny, aromatic kitchens in the far reaches of México.

Grand Tradition’s Veranda Brunch – elegant and delightful!

The Grand Tradition Estate founders, the McDougal family, offer elegant, yet affordable, dishes at their Veranda restaurant. People travel the world over to find settings as lovely as what they have established in Fallbrook. This alfresco restaurant is just part of an oasis that was established over thirty years ago and is still under development.

Mardi Gras King Cake – a carnival on a plate!

As a native of California I was Mardi Gras-deprived until I turned thirty. Growing up amidst the waving palms, my only experience of Mardi Gras came vicariously through television. I didn’t taste the splash of Mardi Gras until I visited my friend, Kathy Ginn Greer, who lived near the Texas Gulf Coast.

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