Schools gain more budget flexibility

By Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD – 75 (R)   In 2014, voters passed Proposition 2, creating a `rainy day fund’ or financial reserve to help stabilize state finances and avoid future multi-billion dollar deficits that plagued California in recent years. The proposition had wide, bi-partisan support and was widely hailed as a small, prudent step […]

Jury Rights Day is on September 5

September 5 is “Jury Rights Day”. The most important right of juries is jury nullification. “Jury nullification occurs in a trial when a jury acquits a defendant, even though the members of the jury believe the defendant to be guilty of the charges.” – Wikipedia. This can be done by doubting: the evidence, what the judge says, […]

Perils of global climate change

July and the first six months of this year are the hottest since records have been kept. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is climbing through 300 parts per million. And there is ample evidence of a calamitous extinction of species worldwide. The acidification of the oceans due to CO2 absorption can radically affect the world’s […]

A case of curious waste

Earlier this summer, there was a project to put rumble strips and new striping/reflectors on Reche Road. This was done, and now it has been covered up with new asphalt. While I applaud the resurfacing of Reche Road, wouldn’t it have made sense to do the projects in reverse order, instead of having one obliterate […]

Base’s old hospital better than ours

Hey Marines… How about letting Fallbrook residents use your reject hospital? I’m sure that all in the area are now familiar with the new huge, state of the art medical facility on Pendleton which was constructed at a staggering cost of over half a billion dollars. This replaced the very substantial and adequate medical facility […]

Summer Camp kids say thank you

Fallbrook Community Center Summer Camp kids would like to say thank you to the generous nonprofits of our community that truly helped make the camp affordable for all families or free, through scholarships, for families with serious financial need. In conjunction with the Friends of the Fallbrook Community Center; Current Wisdom Foundation, Angel Society, and […]

Thank you to North County Fire

To the three gentlemen with North County Fire Station 1 “B” Crew: I cannot thank you enough for your help. I can only pray for your health and happiness. The night before you three angels arrived at my house, I was crying, scared, and did not sleep until morning. You helped me by changing the […]

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