Fallbrook is a classic American town

I want to thank the people of Fallbrook for the overwhelming support for our 9/11 Memorial exhibit and display we set up in the Village Square for the 14th anniversary. From the very first meeting with John Choi, Fallbrook Fireman’s Association, and Bob Hillery, Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce, I was confident that our efforts would […]

Thank you for telling the whole story

I want to commend Joe Naiman for his article about Bill Hitt and the history of bringing water to Rainbow! I was at the LAFCO meeting when Mr. Hitt was forced to cease his remarks due to time constraints and I felt disappointed to not be able to hear his complete story. I am so […]

Some good news from Sacramento

Assemblymember Marie Waldron Assembly District 75 (R) Your legislature was able to do some positive work for the taxpayers this session. For starters, a number of tax hike proposals were blocked, including $1 billion in new gas taxes, $2 billion from a $65 per-vehicle ‘highway-user fee’ and $1.8 billion from new taxes on managed health […]

Thank you to county agencies

The Association for the Rainbow Community would like to commend and thank Patty Koch of the North County Fire Protection District for her professionalism, dedication to education, and positive attitude when she braved the rain to keep her commitment to present Ready, Set, Go! to our community at an outdoor venue! We also want everyone […]

My wish list stays the same over time

Sometimes common sense seems to rise up and strike me and this year it’s in the form of my wish list. I thought I’d share it with you: I wish politicians would remember why they are elected. I wish the voters would remember that they elected the politicians. I wish that all politicians would remember […]

Re: “Your tax dollars at work” [Letter, Village News, 9/3/15]

If Assembly-person Waldron had spent a few minutes checking, she would’ve found that her “firestorm of controversy” had already fizzled back in July. The so-called firestorm was based on a videotape purporting to show that Planned Parenthood was trafficking in fetal tissue. It was quickly determined that the videotape was edited to produce this false […]

Press 1 for English; press 2 for Spanish

It’s unfortunate, in many ways, that we are not encouraging those immigrants from Mexico to learn English. But why should they when everyone goes farther out of their way to encourage them to continue to speak Spanish rather than learn English? There is no incentive for them to learn English. In the Sept. 3 issue […]

Need for new stadium is pure horse feathers

Letter to the San Diego County Supervisors: “I am writing to you out of a deep concern for the county’s contribution of tax money to a ‘study’ of the issue of building a new sports stadium to accommodate the Chargers football team. “My concern would become a vehement protest should the matter escalate to a […]

Highway funding is on the table

Highway funding is on the table

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) Californians pay some of the highest fuel taxes in the U.S., but our highways are among the nation’s worst. We are now about two months into a transportation special session called by Governor Brown and calls for increased taxes are echoing loudly in Sacramento. In response, I have introduced AB […]

The truth about trade agreements

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was originally titled “Southern Hemisphere Asian Free Trade Agreement” or SHAFTA. Reason for the name change should be obvious. SHAFTA succinctly defines its objective: Shaft America’s middle class workers. Many economists view free trade agreements very favorably. Unfortunately, they are considering such agreements as defined, not as implemented. As designed, such […]

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