Medi-Cal is in crisis

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) Last June, the legislature approved a budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year. Though it was an improvement over past budgets, I voted “no” for a number of reasons, including the continuing failure to adequately compensate Medi-Cal providers. In 2011, when California was bleeding red ink, Medi-Cal provider rates were cut […]

Fallbrook Chorale appreciates Village News 

A special thank you to Village News editor Debbie Ramsey and assistant editor Lucette Moramarco. On behalf of the Fallbrook Chorale executive board and members, please accept our sincere thanks for all that you do to help make the chorale visible in Fallbrook and surrounding communities. We especially appreciate the half-page coverage of our “Spring […]

Research animals deserve another chance

          We all love animals, and many, if not most of us have pets. These non-human members of our families become integral parts of our lives. Even when they destroy furniture, carpets, or eat our pot-roast dinners when we aren’t looking, we still love them. As a dog owner myself, I […]

Bravo to a spectacular event

Was it an event or an experience? Saturday night, Feb. 28, we had the honor and privilege of attending the blockbusting fundraiser for the Fallbrook Boys & Girls Club. The Rita Coolidge concert was held at the Burton Center, and a VIP reception was held at the splendid home of Bill and Colleen Jackson. Coolidge […]

Encryption can help prevent identity theft

As we all know, modern computer technology has created vast new opportunities for tech-savvy criminals. By illegally accessing computer databases and gaining access to private data, identity thieves can cast a pall upon every online transaction we make. Sometimes, the resulting financial nightmares can never be unraveled, with victimized businesses and their customers losing billions in the process.

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