Joseph W. Osborne

Joseph W. Osborne

Joseph W. Osborne was born on January 10, 1941. Born to Rosey and Louis Osborne. Joe passed away from complications of a stroke on August 16, 2016; he was 75 years old. He was born in Blodgett, Mo. and grew up in St. Louis, Mo. At the age of 19, he moved to Lomita, Calif. […]

Helping our seniors

Helping our seniors

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD – 75 (R) According to the US Census Bureau, by 2030, one in five Americans is projected to be 65 and over. Since seniors make up such a large segment of District 75, my office is continuously involved in reaching out to the senior community to provide valuable information and hands-on assistance. We share […]

Re: Preserving California’s diverse higher education opportunities [Letter, Village News, 8/4/16]

Contrary to the opinion expressed in the subject article, SB 1146 will have a beneficial effect on diversity in California’s higher education facilities. The primary purpose of SB 1146 is to clarify this point: no college/university in California receiving government funding may use exclusion from Title IX to exclude themselves from the anti-discrimination provisions of […]

Any witnesses to hit and run?

If anyone witnessed a white or light grey pickup truck hit my yellow Volvo in the parking lot at Joe’s Hardware and then run on Tuesday, Aug. 2, please call me at (631) 725-4473. No one has helped yet and it’s an expensive repair. No name – just information will help. I would greatly appreciate […]

Covered California Consumer’s Privacy Measure signed into law

SACRAMENTO – Senator Joel Anderson’s Senate Bill (SB) 514 was signed into law by Governor Brown today. This bill allows applicants to indicate whether or not they want assistance in completing the Covered California application, and prohibits the applicant’s personal information from being shared with private companies if they do not want assistance. Before this […]

Re: Reeder Media wins 10 journalism awards [Village News, 8/4/16]

Congratulations to Julie Reeder, publisher of Valley News; Kim Harris, editor of Valley News; and all the staff who work diligently to make these newspapers worthy of winning 10 journalism awards. I have received the Village News over the years, and even after I have moved out of state, I enjoy keeping up with the […]

Re: Student debt hobbles our economy [Village News, Letter, 8/11/16]

It seems many people try to lay blame on students for their college debt. They imply that today’s students are not willing to work while attending school without taking out loans. The reality is tuition costs have skyrocketed and have not kept pace with salaries. I went to UC Irvine in the late 80s. My tuition in 1988 was $1434 […]

SOF needs volunteers

The old saying “Uncle Sam needs you” comes to mind as the volunteer force of Save Our Forest (SOF) dwindles. SOF needs you! Since 1995 volunteers have worked to maintain the trees that we have planted to enhance our downtown area. The purpose was to make it more pedestrian friendly as well as creating a […]

Unsafe and unreasonable restrictions to highway access

Our community can only be accessed/exited using Monserate Hill Road. The plan to improve SR76 includes limiting our access to only westbound lanes on SR76 from Monserate Hill Road. Driving east towards Highway 15 requires a u-turn at Gird Road. We were told the old 76 highway will be removed (and not replaced) between Gird Road and Star […]

Oak tree needs watering now

There is an ancient oak tree on Faubus Farms that had been receiving water the majority of its life, but as a result of CalTrans purchasing the farm for the continued construction of Hwy 76, the tree is currently under a great deal of stress because it has lost its water source. My intention is […]

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