Paris terrorist attacks of Nov. 13

When the junior college shooting in Roseberg, Ore. happened, President Obama immediately wanted more gun control laws passed. He blamed it on the guns. I have a different take: If good, law abiding citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons, then they could take immediate action against a shooter and not have to wait to […]

Families are not our enemy

“The only thing to fear, is fear itself,” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is not the Muslims or the Islamic religion that is our enemy, it is the fear created by extremist terrorists. Fear is what they want to make and fear is the enemy. As long as we remain sane, keep our humanistic values […]

Donations to BookSwap much appreciated

The Fallbrook High School Library would like to thank the community for the generous donations of books, magazines, games and puzzles for its annual BookSwap. We received many boxes and bags of wonderful things for our students, including 40 years of National Geographic in pristine condition! The students were so very happy to ‘Shop the Swap’ […]

Volunteers are appreciated and that’s no joke

We love the volunteers at Fallbrook Community Center for senior lunch! Well, you should have seen what they did to me because I didn’t tell them a joke! Turned me into a goon. I am truly sorry, please take off the spell. Speaking of spells – we were hiring a new secretary at church. We […]

Thank you!

Thank you to all who helped to make this year’s Thanksgiving Walk to Feed the Hungry such a resounding success! How do I measure success? I see it in the happy, generous faces of the many walkers and runners. I appreciate it in the form of the many donations from event sponsors. Thank you churches […]

Supporting California students

Supporting California students

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) Education is one of my top priorities in Sacramento. As the mother of a high school student, I am keenly interested in improving California’s schools and test scores. I joined my Assembly colleagues to support a legislative package designed to reform California’s declining education system. The package included: I co-authored AB […]

Re: “Friends of animals are appreciated” [Letter, Village News, 11/12/15]

Praise to Barbara Johnson for encouraging people to spay/neuter. There are always more animals born than homes for them that can be found. If there are feral cats in your neighborhood, I encourage you to contact the Feral Cat Coalition (619) 758-9194. Although they do not do family pets, they will spay and neuter, treat wounds and […]

Friends of animals are appreciated

I would like to thank the Village News for providing extra newspapers for a ‘Mom’ dog named Heidi and her seven puppies that I am fostering for Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar. Would also like to thank Dr. Jones of Alvarado Veterinary Hospital for providing me with a low-cost office call and medication […]

Kudos to Nieman’s Collision Center

Chances are we all will at, one time or another, be involved in a vehicular accident, regardless of who was at fault. I was involved recently in a collision in Fallbrook that required that my vehicle be towed and I chose Nieman’s Collision, a local repair facility. From the minute I entered the office, I […]

Rugby decision is grossly unfair

Dear Asst. Superintendent Iniguez, I am shocked and saddened that you have come to a conclusion that is neither well-reasoned, nor factually-supported. It appears you have performed a subjective evaluation that has rendered a decision that is grossly unfair to a particular group, and reveals a double standard. Why are only the boy’s rugby team […]

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