Vote for who you like this election

“I am a member of no organized political party; I am a (fill in blank).” In this strangest of all elections in more than a century, I am reminded of this famous quote by Will Rogers.   Not to be outdone, we now match the Europeans in the numbers of our political parties. Our 34 […]

Missing Debbie Ramsey

I am still reeling from the announcement that Debbie Ramsey is retiring. She has been such an extraordinary mainstay of your operation. I truly can’t imagine how things can be the same without her! I have worked with Debbie since the beginning of 2005 – and what a joy she has always been to work […]

‘Thank You’ to Sally Montiano

I just wanted to write a public “thank you” to Sally Montiano, a graphic artist who lives in Fallbrook and has done several artistic endeavors for the Community Center and beyond. I am a nature guide at Buena Vista Audubon Nature Center, and Sally donated her time and creativity to offer us a beautiful 3×4 […]

Beware – red tailed hawks are protecting offspring

A couple of weeks ago, a hawk dive bombed me as I took orange peelings to compost but never touched me. So I guess that was my warning. Early this morning I was outside walking in the yard when I was attacked by a red tailed hawk. He flew down on my head when he […]

Feral Cat Coalition needs help

There has been an increase of feral cats in my Fallbrook neighborhood. There are many people feeding cats. Unfortunately these cats are breeding. Please help these animals by trapping them and getting them fixed. The Feral Cat Coalition will help you. Letting them breed puts many at danger of being hit by cars, ripped apart […]

Time for Fallbrook to have its Climate Action Plan

No single community or nation can reverse global climate change alone. We are all in this together. Stalling climate change will be an incremental set of actions, small or large, and each of us must take on some piece of the problem. Nothing is guaranteed, but climate action is risk mitigation insurance that we need […]

My bills are moving

My bills are moving

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD – 75 (R) The legislature is moving into the last few months of the current session, and I am happy to report two more of my bills, AB 1754 and AB 1764, are progressing toward final Assembly approval. Since San Diego County is home to a large retired population, it also […]

Hire school traffic control for our main road during construction

Who do you complain to about the traffic chaos on Mission Road during construction? The traffic control personnel allow our main artery to become congested for miles. Every car has to stop at 3 red lights, which is ridiculous. During actual working hours the flow is better, but they leave the lights blinking when they […]

Thanks for the friendly aide

On Friday, April 24, in the Albertson’s parking lot, our 8-year old van (software) decided that we were not its owners, but thieves. Our ignition key set off the security system alarm intermittently for a good 45 minutes, and disabled the car until Sky Towing company arrived to help. We got a few glares, but […]

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