**Fallbrook Women Golfers**

Weekly Sweeps Results

Game: Partners’ Better Ball

First: Susan Titus & Betty Blair, 64

Second (tie): Karen Rose & Elaine Pedigo and Ree Tudor & Jill Ouellette, 66

Fourth: Cindy Becker & Kelly Geiger, 67

Fifth: Shirlee Adams & Grace Song, 70

**Pala Mesa Men’s Golf**

Format: Two-day Individual Eclectic

A flight

First gross: Dana Dutcher, 68

First net: Rick Dillon, 60

Second net: Bill Nichols, 63

B flight

First gross: Jack Rowe, 82

First net: Ken Flaig, 64

Second net: Gary Colvin, 66

C flight

First gross: Bob Jones, 88

First net: Morrie Manalli, 63

Second net: Jack Cruickshank, 66

**San Luis Rey Downs Women’s Golf Assn.**

Game: Two Best Balls of Foursome

First place: Rose Hyde, Gerri Mattson, Evelyn Simon & Jackie Roush, 127

Second place (tie): Ardie Gibbons, Carolyn Itzaina, Mary Ellen Myers & Vicci Haines and Jannell French, Carol Murray, Jean Laughlin & Mary Kraemer, 134

Third place (tie): Betty Buselt, Cathy Medlyn, Joanne Kazmark & Katy Obregon and Patti Sullivan, Ceil Bousquet, Liz Bator & blind draw, 137

Ace of the Week: Jean Laughlin, 69

**Pala Mesa Women’s golf**

Results for July 21

Foursome event: Two best balls of foursome

Low gross: Alice Harcourt, Donna Bremner, Clara McDowell (blind draw), 176

First low net: Margaret Davis, Bev Lawson, Jan Roscoe (blind draw), 127

Second low net: Joan Bartel, Sue Clark, Eileen Lanaghan, Phyllis Molloff

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